Author: Adedamola Bada

Bitcoin HYIP And What Should You Know About It?

Day by day the popularity of HYIP is growing. Even Bitcoin HYIP is now a hot topic in this industry. And that’s why many of the development companies are giving the services on this development. Like Binance you can support your growth for Bitcoin exchange services. And start your Bitcoin HYIP with a new beginning.  The HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) can be a great investment alternative. But, choosing where to invest is a difficult decision, if you want to avoid failures or be a victim of a pyramid scam. There are different types of HYIP and many factors...

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Using The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange: All You Must Know

Cryptocurrency has been in the market for a period of time although people trade it as a virtual currency. This currency is like the regular one as it also acts as a medium of exchange. The type of currency will use cryptography as a way of controlling and adding units. When you consider the difference between a flat currency and cryptocurrency, you’ll find that flat currency will be controller by the central banks. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, it’s decentralized and will work through the block chain. For a blockchain, it’s a public transaction database and will function like...

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All you need to know about Bitcoin Cash

Since the inception of Bitcoin, there have been questions about the coin’s ability to scale effectively. As Bitcoin grew in popularity, the industry felt the need to solve the scaling issue. With the increased number of Bitcoin owners, the limited size of 1 Mb blocks within the blockchain became full, which slowed down the time it took to process each transaction. It also made the cost of transaction expensive for the sender. To improve the efficiency of transactions, a digital currency called Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created. Though it was released in August 2017, BCH has managed to become...

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