Author: Adedamola Bada

Mchain a Blockchain 3 in 1

Mchain is a platform based on blockchain that has created an ecosystem where cryptocurrencies, intelligent contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps) coexist. A project that is born from the culture to divulge and educate Mchain is a project of the Cultural Association Blockchain Marbella, a non-profit association, whose philosophy is to publicize all the advantages that can bring the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies to the day to day, for people, companies and institutions. The project was launched on January 15, 2019 and since then its community has not stopped growing. MAR the currency of Mchain Like any blockchain, it needs...

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Nuvo Cash’s Blockchain Network Decentralizing Africa

It comes as a surprise to most people that the network we know as the “world-wide web” is in many ways not world-wide at all. For instance, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have long been banned in the People’s Republic of China1 – which was followed by a ban of WhatsApp in 20172. Another example is general access to the Internet in Eritrea, where less than 1.18% of the population of over 4.4 million people uses the Internet3. More shockingly, a 2016 study by Cambridge University revealed that more than sixty countries engage in some form of...

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Digital Data Privacy on P2PS

The privacy of digital data on the network is the salient feature to P2PS secure, interference-free communications system developed by P2P Solutions Foundation. The privacy of digital data on the global network finds a new competitor in the crypto universe. From the outset, the team of P2P Solutions Foundation points out a clear global problem; anything that is digitally exchanged with anyone, anywhere, is not protected by any privacy standard. Including information exchanged on corporate networks (private intranets). Right now the vast majority of Internet and Intranet activity is constantly monitored. At certain bottlenecks, the tracked information may be...

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Bitcoin Takes Much More Energy to Mine than You Think

Bitcoin is huge; a massive leap from what it was like in its inception in 2009. While altcoins are surely starting to catch up to it, Bitcoin is still worth far more than the rest, having managed to accumulate billions of dollars in value thus far. With it being so insanely large, common sense comes to the conclusion that it takes plenty of work to maintain Bitcoin. However, people often underestimate just how much energy goes into keeping it functional. Before we get to that though, we will first see where all this power comes from. The large energy drain of Bitcoin is largely...

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Verasity’s VRA token increases 300% because of its Product and Sales Strategy

There are millions of publishers competing with YouTube and Facebook for views. Since most can’t compete, they add the YouTube player on their site and hope for the best. The best is not much. YouTube and Facebook provide a pittance of revenue in exchange for those views and therefore publishers are dying like flies. Simply building a video sharing platform is not a solution because no matter how good the platform, who is going to bother to move off YouTube to watch a bit of content when they have a whole world of content on YouTube. Do any kids...

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