Author: Adedamola Bada

All you need to know about Bitcoin Cash

Since the inception of Bitcoin, there have been questions about the coin’s ability to scale effectively. As Bitcoin grew in popularity, the industry felt the need to solve the scaling issue. With the increased number of Bitcoin owners, the limited size of 1 Mb blocks within the blockchain became full, which slowed down the time it took to process each transaction. It also made the cost of transaction expensive for the sender. To improve the efficiency of transactions, a digital currency called Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created. Though it was released in August 2017, BCH has managed to become...

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What is Bitcoin mixer and what is used for?

Information about cryptocurrency transactions is usually publicly available, although it is difficult for a common man to find out information about owner’s address. But this is as long as the account is not tied to a name. In this case, they use special services to increase security and stealth. Having learned what a Bitcoin mixer is and how it affects the anonymity of a cryptocurrency, you can make tracking your transfers almost impossible. A solution that allows you to increase your anonymity, including Bitcoin, is BitMix.Biz that accumulates a larger number of unrelated operations, then mix them and pay...

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Debit Card EMIs with Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms in the world, and due to their sheer size, they have to continuously develop new and exciting ways to engage their customers and create a pleasant shopping experience for them. Amazon has now tied up with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, and SBI to bring its customers the Debit Card EMI facility. You can check here which are the best places to buy Litecoin. The Debit Card EMI facility on Amazon allows customers to use their Debit Cards to make purchases through EMIs. Earlier, EMIs were...

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Mermaid Millions Slot Game

Mermaid Millions Slot There are many different online slots games available now, with more being developed every day, but sometimes the classics are still some of the best. If you’ve ever looked into online slots games before, you’ve probably heard of Mermaid Millions. It’s been one of the most consistently popular online video slots for a long time and you can play it at, even with newer and flashier games coming out all the time. What is Mermaid Millions? Mermaid Millions is a classic and enduringly popular online video slot from Microgaming online slots, offering classic gameplay wrapped...

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