If you have been looking for an investment vehicle where you can make significant gains on your Bitcoin holdings, then look no further. AMFEIX Fund, established by AMFEIX Digital Asset Management, creates a pool from investors’ funds, which is then managed by a team of professionals in the company to generate profits for investors. Daily, the professionals execute trades to generate profits from the volatility in the market. With only 0.02 BTC, you can be part of the investors’ already reaping big from the fund.

Private Trading

AMFEIX provides investors with a platform which they can use to participate in very confidential investing. The investment fund allows investors to invest in the platform pseudo-anonymously and doesn’t compel them to share any private information.

Easy Registration Process

To get started on the AMFEIX platform, an investor needs to create a wallet on the AMFEIX.com site. Once on the site, you can send funds from your wallets or exchange to the personal wallet you have created on the AMFEIX website. Thereafter, your funds will reflect on the site.

No Flat Fees

AMFEIX doesn’t charge any flat fees for using their platform. The firm strives to generate profits by trading on the investment pool so that they can get their 20% from the profits made.

Favourable Profit Distribution Formula

AMFEIX provides investors with 80 per cent of the profits made from the pool, and the firm remains with 20 per cent of all profits made.

Persistently Increasing Capital

Investors can raise their capital by accumulating their profits. The accumulated profits increase the investors’ capital to make them trade with more to earn additional profits.

Effortless Withdrawal Procedure

Investors who want to initiate a withdrawal only need to visit the AMFEIX fund page and click the Withdraw button. After that, you enter your password, and the withdrawal will be requested. After approval, your funds will be remitted to your AMFEIX wallet, where you will transfer them to any destination you want.

Stress-free Termination Procedure

If you opt to exit the fund, AMFEIX will liquidate all your positions and deposit your entire account balance into your AMFEIX wallet within 24 hours. You can then transfer your BTC to any wallet or exchange that you prefer.

Uncompromisingly Secure Site

To safeguard investors’ funds, AMFEIX uses several strategies.

First, the company reduces exposure to market unfavourable market volatilities by only trading with 30-50% of the pool of funds.

Secondly, the website uses the Ethereum platform, which is decentralized. Therefore, investors’ funds are highly protected from the prying eyes of governments and hackers.

Thirdly, the investment firm uses cold storage to secure investors funds that aren’t being traded. Such a move ensures that the funds are protected from hackers because the storage method is not connected to the internet.

Fourth, to limit exposure from the volatile and unpredictable crypto trading markets, AMFEIX only uses 30-50 % of the pool of funds for trading. As a result, if the company makes a wrong trade, the company will not lose everything, which may force it to liquidate.

AMFEIX provides investors using their wallet some 12 words which they use to protect their funds. These words are referred to as seed key, and they secure your account whenever someone tries to log in from a different device other than the one you used when registering for the first time.

Savoury Referral Program

The referral program offered by AMFEIX provides any investor who refers a friend to invest in the platform with 10% of the profits that the referred investor makes. Anyone who wants to make profits using the program can use a referral link to invite other investors to the site.

The AMFEIX.com Fund offers investors an indefinitely scalable investment fund that helps them to solve some of the most limiting issues in the current investment environment, without compromising on their funds. Savvy investors using the fund have realized enviable gains on their Bitcoins.