The popular and recognized cryptocurrency trading signals provider AltSignals has launched a new and improved version of its website. This is not only part of the revamp strategy the company is currently focusing on but they also want to offer the best services and solutions to its clients.

The new website aims at reflecting the constant focus on delivering the best crypto and forex trading signals for both newcomers and expert traders. The new website comes after several years of working in the market, considering AltSignals has been in the industry since 2017 providing profitable and trustworthy entering and exit signals.

Users are already able to experience the renewed design, a faster and cleaner look while keeping all the necessary information for traders and customers.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is known for being a crypto trading signals provider that started offering solutions since December 2017. The company is operating through Telegram and it helped over 47,000 users get the latest trading signals.

The firm is already offering trading signals for Binance, BitMex and FX. In this way, they are helping crypto and traditional traders that are using FX markets. This aims at offering the best solutions to all the users that trade in different platforms and exchanges.

During the last years, the professional traders behind AltSignals have already sent more than 1173 signals with more than 94% winning rates in some cases. At the same time, there were more than 13,230 pips gained since they started offering services to users.

AltSignals Crypto Trading Services

With the new website, you will see that AltSignals is providing Technical and Fundamental analysis about the cryptocurrency and FX markets. This shows the platform is ready to help the entire financial community get the results they need when they trade.

At the same time, AltSignals analyst will be coaching and helping clients how to better place trades and receive profits in the long term. Indeed, AltSignals can be a great tool for long-term traders that want to take advantage of the current exciting market.

One of the most important things is the capacity that the company has to adapt itself to difficult and changing situations in the market. We all know that cryptocurrencies can be very volatile. This is why many users consider that trading in bearish periods or bear markets is not profitable. However, AltSignals proved itself profitable even during the last bear market that affected the entire crypto ecosystem.

AltSignals aims at providing users with the best quality of trades rather with a large number of enters and exits. This shows the compromise that AltSignals has with its clients and how the firm wants to offer the best trades as possible.

Crypto experts are making daily in-depth analysis for every single trade they offer. Users will receive the highest quality trades and analysis possible to the team’s abilities. Other signals providers tend to provide large amounts of trades which may not necessarily be profitable as the ones offered by our team.

The company is also offering a VIP Service that includes special analysis, insights about the crypto market and strategies regarding digital assets. If you want to know more about the VIP Service offered by the company, you can visit the official site.

Furthermore, for newcomers and users that would like to know more about AltSignals, they can see the Results section where they will have all the reports about the trading signals provided in the last months. This increases trust among the community that is always requesting for improved transparency and information from crypto services providers.

AltSignals Pricing

There are currently three different offers for users. Individuals can start getting trading signals for as low as £99 per month for each of the markets they are currently covering: Forex, Bitmex and Binance.

All of them include access to a special user dashboard and highly accurate signals for a wide range of financial markets including cryptocurrencies and forex. BitMex traders will get exclusive reports, between 20 and 30 signals per month and signals for the ByBit exchange.


AltSignals is getting prepared for the new bull market in the cryptocurrency space. Volatility brings new opportunities and also new times to improve the services provided to customers. In this case, AltSignals decided to release a new version of its website that includes all the necessary information that users need in order to start receiving AltSignals crypto and forex trading signals.