AltSignals, the most popular and recognized crypto trading signals group in the world has released its July reports for BitMex, Binance Spot and Futures and also for the Forex market. The results prove once again the dedication of the team behind AltSignals and how they are working on a daily basis in order to offer the best trading signals for users in the crypto and forex markets. 

In this article, we will go through the results in each of these channels and understand the performance in each of the platforms we mentioned before. This is the first report after the incredible bullish period that started earlier in July and that saw Bitcoin move towards $12,000 a few days ago. 

AltSignals BitMex Results July 2020

For the BitMex exchange, one of the largest to handle crypto derivatives, AltSignals registered 22 trades with a total profit of 477% during July. In the winning trades, the team was able to register a profit of 1,300%. The overall profit was 477% with XBT/USDT being the most profitable trading pair, in short, mid and long-term targets. 

The most profitable trades were those with the longer targets, registering on average a profit of 278% (T04). Shorter-term targets included 172% average profits (T03), 103% average profits (T02) and 55% average profits (T01). 

AltSignals Forex Results July 2020

Traders that preferred to use and follow the signals provided for the Forex (FX) market will see that the completed trades were 41 with a winning rate of 68% and 1491 pips won. In the 28 trades that were positive, AltSignals was able to achieve 1909 pips that are certainly positive for understanding the entire market. 

The most winning trades included the following trading pairs: GBP/CAD with 128 pips, GBP/JPY with 125 pips, EUR/CAD with 121 pips, GBP/USD with 118 pips and AUD/USDT with 118 pips. We see how the British pound played an important role in the forex market during the last month. 

T2 trades were those with the largest pips (119 on average), followed by T1 (with 26 pips). 

Binance Spot AltSignals Results July 2020

For the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, one of the most popular for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens, the success rate has skyrocketed to 80% in a month with 50 signals and a total of 300% profits. The winning trades (40) offered users a positive result of 379% in profits. 

This is certainly a very positive month where users were able to get amazing results and profits on their trades following AltSignals during the month of July. As we can see in the report released by AltSignals, the main trades came from BTC pairs with other tokens. 

ALGO/BTC registered a 48.5% profit, followed by BLZ/BTC with 27.1% profits, EVX/BTC with 23.7% profits, SKY/BTC with 15.9% profits and KAVA/BTC with 15.9% profits. 

As it usually happens, longer-term trades were those with the largest returns for traders. The average profit target for T03 trades was 21.4%, followed by T02 with 11.1% profits and t01 with 5.4% profits. 

The entire crypto market became very bullish in recent weeks as Bitcoin and digital assets started moving higher after several months in a bear trend. Thus, the entire crypto space is bullish about the future of the market and this can be seen in the way virtual currencies are traded. 

Binance Futures AltSignals Results July 2020

The Binance Futures VIP channel has also provided users with a massive profit of 1359%. This with a success rate of 64.9% during the last month. The winning trades showed a total profit if 3,141%, a massive result for traders that want to improve their trading strategies and get some profits by trading in the crypto market. 

The results show that the NEO/USDT trading pair was the most rewarding with 162.3% and 149.3% profits (the best results for this month in the Binance Futures exchange). In addition to it, the BTC/USDT, ETC/USDT and COMP/USDT trading pairs registered positive results as well with 136%, 134.6% and 126.6% final profits. 


AltSignals continues to grow in the market showing that the company is ready to offer very positive results and high profits. The crypto market seems to be turning bullish and traders are feeling the change of market sentiment.