AltSignals is one of the most recognized and popular crypto trading signals in the market. Since 2017 and the bull market experienced by the entire crypto space, AltSignals is providing crypto trading signals on Binance, Bitmex and FX. 

In this article, we will make a review of AltSignals and how it can help you improve your trading strategies. Take into account that the review will help both newcomers and more expert traders in the market. 

Disclaimer: all the information provided in this article must not be considered investment advice and it shouldn’t be used by traders and users to trade virtual currencies or any other asset. Always contact your financial advisor and never invest more than what you are able to lose. This article is only for educational purposes.

AltSignals Trade Calls

As mentioned before, AltSignals is one of the oldest crypto signals channels on Telegram. The cryptocurrency market has been expanding over the last years and new services have been developed. 

With new users trading in the cryptocurrency space, it is certainly necessary to have detailed information related to when to enter or exit the market in specific exchanges. 

AltSignals provides a wide range of services rather than only trading signals for its users and followers. This is certainly going to be an advantage compared to other trading signals providers in the market. 

For example, the company is providing educational content to users. This is great to have a good idea of where the market is moving or how specific trading pairs are behaving. This allows individuals to learn about why AltSignals provides specific trading signals and how they expect the market to move in one or another direction. 

In addition to it, they are working with several crypto exchanges and platforms. AltSignals does not offer only crypto trading signals but they are also working with FX markets for more traditional investors. They work with leverage as well on the BitMex and Bybit platforms. In the future, they could start offering signals for new exchanges. 

AltSignals has also developed a new trading indicator that can be used on TradingView. This indicator is great to spot entry and exit levels in the market. Indeed, it works specifically with Heikin Ashi candles and in 1 hour patterns. This is great for newcomers that do not understand when to enter or exit the market or for expert traders that want to have a confirmation about their entry and exit levels. 

It is worth taking into account that AltSignals provides monthly reports about each of the trades they process on each one of the exchanges (BitMex, Binance and FX). This is great to take more accurate decisions and improve trading strategies for users.

In these reports, it is possible to get information about which were the most accurate trades, which was the overall performance of the trading signals in a specific month, which trading pairs were the most accurate and more. Other platforms are not so transparent with the trades they do and this could have negative effects on the strategies implemented by users.

Summary of AltSignals Services:

  • Trading signals for crypto and FX markets
  • Trading signals supporting Binance, BitMex, Bybit and FX
  • Educational content 
  • Information and insight about the market
  • Trading indicator for customers exclusively on TradingView
  • Accurate reports about their results

Customer Support

AltSignals has also great customer support that is 24/7 online and is always ready to help users in different languages in case it is needed rather than just in English. The admins of the group are always ready to help with how to set up trades, explain how to work with a trading bot, or how to create an account on exchanges, among other things. 


The platform is one of the most recognized in the market for following trading signals in the space. It can be very useful for both newcomers and experts. The services provided are great in comparison to other signals providers in the space. 

AltSignals provides valuable educational content to users that combined with trading signals help traders make more informed decisions. Moreover, the trading indicator they have developed will provide an advantage to traders over other trading signal channels.