The upward trend of cryptocurrencies in the fintech sector continues as new and creative solutions are revealed. It doesn’t matter where you stand on digital currencies, it may be wise to learn more about blockchains and decentralized systems. Many different areas in our society could potentially be impacted by some of these innovative projects.

As we move past whether or not this technology is relevant, the question becomes how and when will this technology will get to the masses. With that in mind, here are five cryptocurrency projects creating innovative solutions.

Power Ledger

Power Ledger is a global energy trading platform with support from the Australian government. At this time, not only does Power Ledger have a working product, but they also have developed partnerships with many organizations, including Not For Profit Helpanswers, Origin Energy, Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, and BCPG, a company backed by the Thai government.

The platform allows for the decentralized selling and buying of renewable energy. If gives users access to different energy markets around the world, providing scalable options to various regulation and infrastructures. Power Ledger is based on a dual-token system which operates on two blockchain layers.

POWR gives hosts and consumers the opportunity to interact with the ecosystem, which is protected via Smart Bond technology. Users can then convert POWR tokens to Sparkz token, which are used to complete transactions on the energy market.

With a mission statement that is environmentally friendly, the backing of the Thai Government and a working product that’s ready go to, Power Ledger – one of the candidates for top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in according to the article from TotalCrypto – is a great project that’s providing innovative solutions in the cryptocurrency world.


Gifto is a project which allows followers and fans to give content creators with virtual presents (animations and graphics) which can then be converted into Gifto tokens or cash. Built on Ethereum, Gifto is a decentralized virtual gifting protocol. It works with any existing media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The goal of Gifto is to provide internet content creators with an alternative stream of revenue if they’re struggling to monetize their content. Their plan is to create and develop a self-sustaining system for content creators, curators, and virtual gift creators.

With more and more content finding its way online, creators are having a difficult time monetizing their work. Either through traditional means or through ads, content creators are finding it challenging to make ends meet.

These creators need a way to build relationships with their followers. Using Gifto gives them a decentralized way to use the monetization method and establish creative relationships between fans, broadcasters, and curators.


nOS a virtual operating system built on the NEO blockchain. This platform wants to develop an internet that is both new and transparent. nOS features decentralized applications with transparent, open, and unchangeable code on the back-end. By using nOS, developers have the option to create Universal Smart Contracts or back-end functionality like Authentication.

The nOS operating system runs on both desktop and mobile devices. It behaves as both an app store and a browser. nOS wants to encourage mass consumer-level adoption of NEO decentralized applications while offering an easier and safer way to use applications.

nOS boasts itself as a new browser built for the NEO blockchain.  By using nOS, users have the ability to interact with decentralized applications on the NEO blockchain easier than previous experiences allowed.

nOS utilizes GAS as its utility token, while at the same time it oversees the conversion of these tokens into the necessary tokens needs for a particular decentralized application. Additionally, nOS will offer a staking system which is based on nOS tokens. The overarching goal of nOS is to create a fairer, freer, and more transparent internet experience for everyone.


Ethos is a universal wallet designed to give consumers a fair and safe system that provides security for digital assets. The wallet puts a great amount of emphasis on protecting your currencies, as this is perhaps the greatest factor that determines whether or not someone decides to invest.

The Ethos project wants to provide a simple, efficient method for the everyday user to store their cryptocurrency. Most users don’t have the time it takes to determine whether or not a wallet is secure, so Ethos provides a way to safely store digital over 100 different digital currencies. So whether you want to store your Litecoin or Golem, Ethos offers an easy way to do so.

With the Ethos wallet, the consumer literally controls the level of security. Not only do users have the option to store digital assets in their wallet with a smart key, but they also have access to a wide variety of resources that can be used for research purposes. Additionally, Ethos also plan on allow fiat currencies for deposits, which will create a user-friendly ecosystem for cryptocurrency beginners.

Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision is a cryptocurrency project based on an IoT identification system to help retailers provide better service to their customers with the use of blockchain technology. Using Nucleus Vision means retailers don’t have to use Bluetooth or wifi to gather customer information and habits.

As a result, Nucleus Vision gives customers the ability to interact with retailers without worrying about whether or not their identities have been compromised. Additionally, retailers can create a customer loyalty program that helps to increase long-term profits along with customer engagement and awareness.

Nucleus Vision has the potential to be a technology of the future. Some compare it to something you might see on Black Mirror. Currently, Nucleus Vision is in use in at least ten stores, which means this is without a doubt a project that’s created an innovative solution for both retailers and consumers.


There are many great cryptocurrency projects that offer creative and innovative solutions. These are just five of them, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many, many more. Hopefully, these five provide a good starting point. Do some research and find projects that interest you, or simply choose from one of the projects listed above.


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